What clients have to say:
"I've been shooting for a very long time and have worked with many producers throughout the years. There is no contest here.. Hofmann is the best.- I won't do another job without him." and I said that to his face!!!! ("LOL- I would love to think he'd say the same thing 'bout me!" )
John Casado - Photographer
"Mark is my go-to-guy. He always comes through, no matter what. He has a particular skill for bringing a fresh perspective to any production, and he has a great presence on set. I've counted on him for many years and will for many more. Just don't play pool with him..."
RJ Muna - Photographer
"Aside from being a great guy and smart producer, not to mention his musical and bocce talents and great knowledge of food and wine, Mark has the smarts to know how to help navigate anyone lucky enough to be on set with him in the right direction. He does all of this with the no nonsense real charm of a gentleman who has a passion for great imagery. Nothing beats good taste on so may levels."
James Salzano - Photographer
"Everything I say about Mark Hofmann is going to sound hyperbolic He's got a great eye as a location scout since he's a photographer in his own right,You want him on your team if you're playing trivial pursuit which may or may not contribute to his ability to problem solve. He understands light, weather, Copernicus and the gravitational pull of the tides. He knows every corny joke and has a mean command of end of the day cocktails. Adept at handling a maitre'd, barmaid, city official or location manager, Mark also shuffles post-it note schedules ambidextrously. He's kind, generous and seemingly without ego unless Half Moon Bay is referred to as anything other than heaven. I digress. Mark is the ultimate producer. I wish I could have him on every shoot."
Diana Phillips - VP | Creative Director
"I first worked with Mark Hofmann in 1995 and he has since worked with 5 of my photographers. Mark's attention to detail, unflappable demeanor, adaptability, ease and conviviality with clients, and general awesomeness have made him my number #1 go-to choice for a seamless production."
Marianne Campbell - Artist Representative
"Mark takes the pressure off my shoulders having to worry about production, allowing me to focus on what's most important, being a photographer. Flood a blue car in a river and make it rain while a bunch of Guardsmen come to the rescue, get Drew Brees ready for the cover of Madden, create an earthquake destroyed neighborhood, blow up fireworks in a stadium and cast and wardrobe an entire football team; yep.... he can do that. Not only is he an interesting and fun guy to hang with, he is my uncle!"
Tim Mantoani - Photographer